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Nebe is the principle composer for the theater group DAH teater. He lives in Belgrade Yugoslavia.
Hard Days ....

Roger Ruzow  
Based in Atlanta , Ga. Roger is an accomplished trumpet player and music teacher.  
Meditation,..... performed by the Gold Sparkle Band

Promises of Democracy,..... performed by the Gold Sparkle Band

Eric's work centers around the organic integration of acoustic and electronic media - including traditional music notation, MIDI, digital audio, and live improvisation with signal-processing. This is an earlier version of a piece composed for this year's opera staging at burningman. Eric has his own website , "soundsliketree" includes all of the music for the opera.

What To Make Of It,... performed by Eric O.

  Guy Segers.

Is a member of the group Univers Zero. He along with his business partner formed the Brussels based label Carbon 7. He continues to be a very prolific and well respected musician / producer.



Raised in the South Africa, a sound designer for Theater, film and art installations.Paul has released three independand records in addition to working with the Indogo Girls, Grady Cousins, Neil Fried and is currently a member of the Atlanta based improvisation group, The Implants
Bringing out the dead : ...featuring Eddie Leao and George Trotter on guitars, Daniel Brown on violin and Roger Ruzow on trumpet.

A little clean dirt :.... performed and programmed by Mr Jorgensen.

Voices : featurning, .....Jim Cotton, George Trotter and David Patterson on guitars.

Tool : ......Originally written for artist Mark Allen Henderson, for a CD-Rom of his artwork.

Crime :..... featuring Daniel Brown on violin and Roger Ruzow on trumpet.

Meander Inn :.....featuring Mick O'Dowd on thrown metal objects.

Permanence:...... featuring David Clair on clarinet

Tone: featuring Daniel Brown on violin and Roger Ruzow on trumpet.

Drumnbass: Sampling frenzy , all sounds retrieved from hotline. July 2001

  David Patterson.
David obtained his degree in classical guitar. He has appeared on over 40 CD's in the United States. and he is currently a group member of the Grammy nominated artist, Shawn Mullins- thus far 3 Gold records nationally.  
This is called Ghosts. performed by the man himself


musician based out of Hamburg, Germany. Tim has just released his first 12", a voyage through a drum n bass world. Tim is also a member of the influential German association known as Van Gogh TV
This is an exerpt of a club 12" mix Tim sent us.

  Voice Crack.
Andy Guhl and Norbert Moslang formed Voice Crack nearly twenty years ago. They are based out of St.Gallen Switzerland and have a laboratory where they find sound in an array of found beat up electronic gadgets  
This is from their Cd _red

Lance is a very prolific artist working on multiple projects simultaneously. He, along with Evan levy is a member of the improvisational ensemble called Dribbling Hermits. Lance is also a very talented avid editor whom travels extensively for his talents. This mp3 is called "Helvetica hotline"
This track, 'Helvetica Hotline' has become something of a tradmark of Lance's. The story continues.To this day WREK radio in Atlanta continues to play Lance's creations.

  Aura-Msimang Berton.
Raised in South Africa, Aura has toured extensively with Jimmy Cliff. In 1981, Aura accompanied Cedella Booker and The Wailers for the concert in homage to Bob Marley. She just recently released her latest recording ITSHE and has relocated back to South Africa.

Is a performing artist currently living in Southern California. Grady is a graduate from CalArts.
This is a song from his Cd
'Test Market #1'
This is called Tourist Trap.