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Friends School , Atlanta 1999, this was done while Lydia Giles was still attending school there.
Mark Giles

Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa 1998. After a three hour ascent . pj
Prague, Czech Rep.1997 , pretty basic, lighting is not too good. : pj
Cape Town (looking at Table Mountain) South Africa. pj
Geodesic Dome (first snow), Ozark, Missouri 1999. :mg
Atlanta Journal News Art Department while Mark still worked there. 98: mg
Burningman 2000, Atlantis camp, viewed from Pyramind south of the man. 2000: pj
Five Points , Atlanta Georgia 98: mg
Venice, Italy 97: pj
Burningman 1999 Camp Schmamp.
Ozark Mountains: mg
Cape Shore South Africa 98: Pj
Emory (Mark's old house). : Mark Giles

The following sites have some fantastic qtvr's , the Global VR shoot is, in particular, an amazing event that documented qtvr's shot all over the world.
Orlando Musuem.....
The Narrows Bridge, Perth, W. Australia
Imperial Tombs of China
  Landis Bennett's Virtual Panoramas