Warrick Sony
kalahari surfers
paul & warrick
kalahari surfers
Musician, Producer

Cape Town, South Africa






Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Over the past 15 years Warrick Sony has worked in the electronic media as a composer, sound engineer and sound designer on a multitude of albums, narrative & documentary films, and commercials. He is one of the founding members of Shifty Studios and is the sole member of "Kalahari Surfers" recording projects realized in Shif ty Studios during the turbulent 1980's.


One People met with Warrick at his studio in Cape Town, two months later we caught his current ensemble, "Trans Sky" performing in Johannesburg. Departing from his solo sound and electronic tools, Trans Sky sound delivers an ethereal electric violin accompanied by Warrick on guitar, marimba and percussion.


Bringing up Baby http://www.museums.org.za/wfc/bub/son_war.htm